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Mentoring in the workplace

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Mentoring in the workplace

Date: No dates for this event.
Course duration: 1 day
Venue: Bob Allan Conference Centre, Saracen House, 139 Saracen Street, Glasgow, G22 5AZ
Costs: Members £95.00 / Non-Members £195.00

Who’s it for and what’s it about?

This course is for managers and HR staff who are thinking of introducing mentoring in their Housing Association or Co-operative, or, who simply want to find out more about what mentoring is.

Mentoring is an effective training and development technique to enhance skills, knowledge and confidence in staff and managers and can take many forms. Taking a flexible approach allows Associations and Co-operatives to develop staff, managers and Committee/Board Members into effective Mentors and to create supportive mentoring opportunities within the organisation.

Scenarios will be used to provoke discussion on a number of aspects of mentoring and a workshop approach will be used to consider approaches to introducing mentoring within the organisation.

Course Outline 

• Forms of mentoring
• Creating a Mentoring Strategy
• Identifying mentoring possibilities
• Developing individual Mentoring Plans

Learning Outcomes

• Understanding the role of the Mentor
• Managing Mentee’s expectations
• Ability to develop Mentoring Plans and Strategies

Trainer: Anne Robertson