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HR in Practice 2017

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HR in Practice 2017

Date: 12 October 2017 09:30 am - 04:00 pm
Course duration: 1 day
Venue: Radisson Blu Glasgow
Costs: Members £200.00 / Non-Members £275.00

Following on from a very successful HR in practice event last year the SHARE HR planning group, made up of HR network members, has organised another day of practically focused sessions for staff with HR responsibility.

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Outline programme

9.00    Registration and refreshments

9.30    Welcome and introduction

9.35    Mindfulness 1
            Christine Jansine, Compassionate Mindfulness

9.45    Plenary
            Employment law update, David Hoey, Partner, BTO

The plenary will provide delegates with an update on the key Employment Law issues currently facing  Scotland’s Housing Associations and any issues they will need to be aware of in the near future.  Delegates will also have the opportunities to discuss and debate these issues.
10.45    Refreshments and networking

11.10    Workshops          

Equalities and diversity – deafness/dementia - reasonable adjustment
Doug Anthoney, Dementia and the workplace trainer, Age Scotland
Janis McDonald, Chief Officer, Deaf Awareness

As Scotland’s workforce ages, and with the risk of dementia doubling every five years from age 65, an increasing proportion of people who develop dementia will experience the first symptoms while in employment.  Age Scotland’s Early Stage Dementia project is highlighting what employers can do to ensure that, as and when dementia arises as a workplace issue, they are able to respond appropriately.  

This workshop also looks at deafness and current issues in Scotland with a particular emphasis for employers who are also service providers. Find out more about the challenges and barriers deaf people face and consider some solutions you can easily put into practice.

Immigration and employment
David Hoey, Partner, BTO

This session will provide delegates with an overview of the key legislation and issues surrounding immigration and employment which employers should be aware of including how they can ensure anyone they employ has the right to work in the UK.  Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss issues they have faced in their own workplaces and share good practice.

HR role: ethical standards
Anne Robertson, Consultant, Robertson Policy

Housing associations all operate within a strong code of ethical standards but what are those standards, specifically?
•    How well defined are the various standards?
•    Are they understood by everyone within the organisation?
•    How are the ethics within the organisation managed and monitored?
•    How are breaches dealt with?

This workshop considers the role of HR in influencing, implementing and monitoring high ethical standards within Housing Associations.

12.35    Lunch

1.15      Mindfulness 2
1.25    Workshops

Mental Health –Scotland’s mental health first aid
Speaker TBC
This session will discuss new and innovative ways in which employers can support staff facing mental health issues, and how they can work towards creating a mentally healthy working environment.
Absence management and phased return/reinstatement/reasonable adjustments
Speaker TBC

Induction for new employees
Speaker TBC

Developing effective Induction packages is becoming increasingly important for Scotland’s RSLs to ensure new staff feel welcome in their new environment, and able to settle quickly into their new roles.  This session will allow delegates to discuss the induction process, the importance of induction for staff retention and development, share good / innovative practice, etc.

2.40    Refreshments and networking

3.00    Mindfulness 3
3.20    Plenary - Where are you on your priority list?
            Gillian Neish, Trainer, Neish Training

Congratulations! You're very much a success. And because you also want success for those around you, you spend a lot of time thinking about their development and supporting them to take their next steps.  But what about YOU? You no doubt have a priority list and all sorts of 'Things for you' are probably on it. But do they ever get to the top?

So, we're now going to take some time for you to remind yourself that you're important, too.

3.50    Closing Remarks


The full programe will be available online shortly.