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Welfare rights for housing staff

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Welfare rights for housing staff

Date: 27 March 2019 09:30 am - 04:30 pm
Course duration: 1 day
Venue: Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre, 13 Whitevale Street, Glasgow G31 1QW
Costs: Members £175.00 / Non-Members £275.00

Who is it for and what is it about?

The purpose of the training is both to raise awareness and provide some detail as to the forthcoming changes in the UK benefits system which will impact directly on tenants.

As a consequence of the impact on tenants, this also raises significant challenges for the financial operation of housing associations and co-operatives.

The course is aimed at all staff members who have a role to play in ensuring the financial stability of their organisation.  All staff members of housing associations and co-operatives should have an understanding of the current and forthcoming changes and the impact on the ability of these organisations to continue to operate with financial stability.

These changes should not be looked at solely from a welfare rights/rent team perspective. The changes create the need for organisational wide understanding and planning in how to address the anticipated difficulties.

Course content

  • Background to the changes
  • The implications for current/legacy benefits
  • The transition from HB to UC and the potential difficulties - (payments of housing costs/arrears/rates of payment under UC)
  • UC - moving from Gateway to Full Roll Out (including timescales)
  • Restrictions on certain groups re entitlement to housing costs under UC
  • Bringing the Social Rented sector into line with the Private Sector re housing costs entitlement
  • Impact of devolved powers in relation to housing costs under UC
  • Issues re delivery of UC and the problems identified to date

Learning Outcomes

  • Better understanding of the magnitude of the challenge to be addressed.
  • Understanding that this is not a problem that should be seen as the responsibility of welfare rights and rent teams.
  • Through understanding the workings of UC will be better placed to plan for the future.
  • Be better equipped to assist tenants who are reliant on UC.
  • Be prepared for the shift away from dealing with and relying on Local Authorities as is the current situation with the administration of housing benefit.


Trainer: Paul McCormack