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Why do I do that? - An introduction to core housing

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Why do I do that? - An introduction to core housing

Date: No dates for this event.
Course duration: 1 day
Venue: Bob Allan Conference Centre, Saracen House, 139 Saracen Street, Glasgow, G22 5AZ
Costs: Members £195.00 / Non-Members £295.00

Who's it for and what's it about?

This course is for new housing practitioners to enable them to better understand some of the legal aspects of housing and their practical impact on day-to-day duties. This includes setting out the legal framework for social landlords in Scotland and gives an overview of the main operational areas where legislation directs how things are done.

It looks at how to improve practical skills and knowledge for new housing staff or recently promoted staff to better understand the operating environment of the housing sector.

Course outline

  • The legal framework
  • Role of the Scottish Housing Regulator and other regulators
  • The ARC
  • Governance structures-LA and RSLs
  • Lettings and terminations
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • SHQS and EEESH
  • Arrears Management
  • Estate Management
  • Tenant participation and communications
  • Factoring

Learning outcomes

  • You should be able to understand the role of social housing in Scotland
  • Increased understanding of who regulates social housing and what this means
  • Improved knowledge of the key legislation which impacts on housing operations
  • A better understanding of how policy and procedures link back to legislation
  • An improved understanding and knowledge about the importance of the tenant and how this is enshrined in legislation 


Trainer: Angela Spence