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Bitesize briefing - Knowing and engaging your tenants

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Bitesize briefing - Knowing and engaging your tenants

Date: No dates for this event.
Course duration: 1 day
Venue:    Bob Allan Conference Centre, Saracen House, 139 Saracen Street, Glasgow, G22 5AZ
Costs: Members £140.00 / Non-Members £190.00

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The next in our Bitesize briefing series is Knowing and engaging your tenants and is a joint SHARE/TPAS.

The Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management, Standard 2, states that:-

The RSL is open about and accountable for what it does. It understands and takes account of the needs and priorities of its tenants, service users and stakeholders.  And its primary focus is the sustainable achievement of these priorities.
It is not enough just to know your tenants, it is important to also engage with them.  This event discusses how other housing associations and co-operatives are doing it.

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Lesley Baird, Chief Executive, TPAS Scotland



Different approaches to consulting with tenants
Claire McGraw, Housing Manager, Easthall Park Housing Co-operative

Tenant consultation comes in many forms. One size doesn’t fit all.  It’s more than just completing a survey with a tenant every two years.  It’s about customer service and ensuring tenants are at the heart of everything you do.  It’s about the culture and values in your organisation.  

Claire will share with you how they approach consulting with tenants and their Resident Engagement Strategy.  


Engaging tenants for service improvement
Speakers – Paddy McKenna, Community Development Officer & Clair Malpas, Regeneration Manager, Cassiltoun Housing Association 

This session will highlight the ways Cassiltoun engage with tenants and service users to obtain their input into the services we deliver.  This will cover effective community consultation and working with harder to reach groups.



Getting to know your tenants
Speaker - Margaret Brannan, Business strategy Manager, Queens Cross Housing Association

A look at the reasons why the association commissioned the first Getting to Know you survey in 2013, the actions and plans that were initiated and how that influenced Getting to Know You 2.

The survey provides detailed information on tenants’ health, income, fuel costs, household size, ethnicity, languages and economic status which then feeds into the association’s business planning. With a 70% return rate from eligible households among 4,300 tenancies, the survey has given a comprehensive and accurate snapshot of the real issues impacting residents in northwest Glasgow.



Rent consultation
Speaker - Matthew Busher, Head of housing, Kingdom Housing Association

This session will outline how Kingdom Housing Association consult with tenants on rent increases with a focus on the evolving nature of conversations over the past three years.

Like many landlords, Kingdom struggled historically with low response rates to rent consultations.  Matthew will talk about the benefits of engaging smaller group of tenants in discussion and the quality of outputs from focus groups and the demonstrable impact on the way that decisions are made at Kingdom.



Chaired discussion session and closing remarks
Alan Ferguson, Director, SHARE



Lunch & Networking


Please note - TPAS members will also benefit from the SHARE member rate.