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Fearless leadership and mindful enterprise - FLAME
29.08.17 0 comments

Fearless leadership and mindful enterprise - FLAME

This unique leadership programme is not like anything you have done before. It is designed to help senior managers in housing associations/co-operatives make the change from being managers to leaders in a sector calling out for people to step up to the more difficult social and economic challenges.  There is very little chalk and talk, with the emphasis being on collaboration rather than finger pointing – and doing rather than talking about doing.

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Govan Housing Association is the latest association to take on major changes organisationally supported by this leadership programme. CEO Fiona McTaggart contacted SHARE as she was looking for a training programme to support her senior management team develop their skill set and make the move from being good managers to great leaders – developing and collaborating as one team, leading Govan Housing Association for the maximum benefit of its tenants.

The programme is highly experiential and runs over three separate training modules, bringing focus to self-awareness in the first module, team-building in the second module, and honest and open conversation in the third as primary tools for leading in volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex times.The programme has also been delivered in Glen Oaks Housing Association. Initially with the Corporate Management Team and then to the whole Board as a Partnership in Practice programme.

If you are interested in finding out more about this programme and how it might fit for your management team SHARE are running a FLAME Taster session on 3 November. You can book HERE or email or to discuss the programme in more detail contact

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