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07.09.17 0 comments

Reviewing your effectiveness (or that dreaded Appraisal word)

It’s not just because the Scottish Housing Regulator wants annual performance reviews carried out, it’s actually really beneficial for Committee/Board members to think about what they’re doing on their Committee/Board, how well they’re doing it, what more they could be doing – and what would help them to be even more effective.

Committee/Board members make a huge contribution to their association or co-operative – time, energy and commitment – all those hours spent at one sort of meeting or another, trying to make the difference for their communities.

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We can all develop and do things slightly differently. That’s why Committee/Board members keep up to date and undertake training or other self-development; it’s why Committees/Boards take part in training as a group.

An appraisal or effectiveness review is just part of that development and individuals and the Committee/Board as a whole get so much out of it – it’s all about being even more effective in delivering for your tenants and others.

It’s a good idea to bring in an external organisation to help carry them out – at least once every three years. It provides an independent objective assessment and draws on what’s happening elsewhere and on good practice. That’s why you should work with SHARE.

As one of the main organisations in Scotland carrying out appraisals SHARE has extensive experience delivering over 30 appraisals within associations/co-operatives and at one large non-housing charity. The appraisal process really can be a positive journey for all.

All governing body members need to be subject to annual performance reviews to assess their contribution and effectiveness.”  [SHR’s Regulatory Framework)


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