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Your passport to success

In June each year SHARE announce the winner of the coveted Learner of the Year Award.  Have you submitted your entry yet?

SHARE recognises that learning is an integral part of being a good Committee/Board member and contributes to the good governance of your housing association/co-operative.  

As members and customers of SHARE you have already shown your commitment to learning & development.  As delegates you take time out to network with colleagues from across the sector, take part in a whole host of learning to ensure your skills and knowledge are suitable for the important role that you play in your housing association/co-operative. 

As organisations you support your Committee/Board members to undertake tailored and open courses as well as attend events and conferences. 

The Log is an excellent and simple way to record events attended and learning undertaken. Learning isn’t all about formal events though and you can also record your learning from reading the local newspaper for example and doing research on the internet. We want to hear about how you have learned as well as what you have learned.

Committee/Board members who record their learning can enter SHARE Committee/Board Learner of the Year. You, as the learner will receive an Award to keep as well as £100 for the great effort you have put in over the year and your organisation  will receive an engraved Award to display for a year. You will both be invited to the SHARE AGM in June to be presented with your Awards.

The SHARE Committee/Board Learner of the Year is entered by returning the Learning Log to SHARE; the judging criteria are listed in the log.  If you require copies of the Log (please click the graphic above to view) or if you would like to discuss please let us know.

You are all already doing the hard bit.
So now it’s time to be recognise


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